What is an MSE File?

How to Open, Edit, & Convert MSE Files

Screenshot of the MSE file icon used with CyberLink's MediaShow

A file with the MSE file extension may be a MediaShow Slideshow Project file used with CyberLink's MediaShow software. The format is used to hold text, sounds, transition effects, images, and anything else related to the slideshow or video.

Some MSE files may instead be 3ds Max Encrypted MAXScript files that are used to save encrypted 3ds MAXScript files (.MS) so that their source code can't be seen or changed.

Your MSE file may instead be an XML-like format used to describe a 3D model or a type of compact instrument file format used to store audio data. Perfect Keyboard Macro files may use the MSE file extension too.

Note: MSE is also an abbreviation for the Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus program but no file ending in MSE is related to that tool, as far as I know anyway.

How To Open an MSE File

If your MSE file is a slideshow file, it should be opened with CyberLink's MediaShow.

Autodesk's 3ds Max is the program used to open 3ds Encrypted MAXScript files. You can also open one of these MSE files by uploading it to MSE Decrypt, but decrypting the file is only free for the first 1 KB of data.

Note: If your MSE file doesn't open with any of the above programs, you might double-check that you're reading the file extension correctly before moving on to the other suggestions below. Although their file extensions are similar, MSE files don't open with the same programs that MSI (Windows Installer Package), MSR (MineSight Resource), MSG (Outlook Mail Message), and MSDVD files do.

If you're sure you're working with an MSE file, then you might try using Moose if your specific file is saved in the text-based format that's used for displaying models.

I don't have much information on MSE files that contain audio, but you might be able to open one with a program like Maize Sampler or Maize Studio.

MSE files that are Perfect Keyboard Macro files can be opened using Pitrinec Software's Perfect Keyboard program.

Tip: If your MSE file doesn't open with the suggestions from above, I recommend using Notepad++ to open the file as a text document. There may be some identifiable text within all the gibberish that makes up your MSE file that can help determine what program was used to create it or what format the file is in.

While it's probably not too likely with a less common extension like MSE, you might find that one program opens these files by default when you'd really rather have another supporting program do it. Luckily this change is very easy. See How to Change File Associations in Windows for instructions.

How To Convert an MSE File

MSE files that you're using with MediaShow can be "converted" to WMV and some other video formats with the Produce button.

I don't know which other file formats an MSE can be converted to using 3ds Max, but I assume that the program supports a lot of different export formats - these types of programs typically do. You can probably find a list of them through a File > Save As or Export menu within the 3ds Max program.

The same thing applies to the other formats mentioned above.

If those kinds of MSE files even can be converted to other formats, it's most likely accomplished through the specific program that opens that type of MSE file. For instance, Maize Sampler may be able to convert an MSE file to an audio format while Perfect Keyboard might support exporting its MSE file to a text-based format.

More Help with MSE Files

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